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Blog Week 4 Post 1

Rover 6 Parts 1  Navigation - Very poor readability on nav due to all nav items being low resolution and having a pictures as their backgrounds. Way too many items on nav, you have to scroll to see them all. Nav is on the left side of the page instead of the top, where it should be. Nav, is not lined up properly. 
2  Images - Way too many images, all placed poorly. All the images are very small and are poor resolution.
3 Text & Color - Way too many fonts and font colors used. Many instances of text over images, even text over text. Hard to tell what is a link and what is not.
What could be improved - The site is cluttered, it needs to be cleaned up. The site gives the impression of being a very cheap company that I believe many would think twice about doing business with. If it used one or two fonts, a nice color palette, high resolution images, and an improved UI, the site would give a much more professional vibe and this would help their business. 
Gates N Fences1  Hierarchy - Hard …

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